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Young Myers - Chapter 2

Maybe Next Week Or in a cuple of days Young Myers - Chapter 2 is coming on her and on youtube.Chapter 1 is when it shows Michael has his first mask and then finds his real mask.In Chapter 2 is when Michael kills alot of people and gets his suit.So basically the first 2 chapters of killing and getting his full suit.

The Super Funny Horror Movie 3

You guys probably saw the first two movies so now you should be ready for #3.This will probably be the last of probably just the baseball batter and the guitar villian.Because Sexual shane is definately back as if you know you saw it at the end of #2.

The Revenge Of Scooby

Well If You saw Chris Has Memorys of Scooby,Scooby's Ghost has returned.But He Says hes already dead and went away.But Scooby is back but is now a ghost.

3/D - Chris Papan Part 2

If You saw the first part (its on the home page) well your ready for part 2.Its going to have some footage from the Skate park, uptown footage and stairs. This one will come out in like a couple of days or maybe a week. The Final part will come out in a month.